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Swiss Instruments Limited. offers top notch iepco Microblasting Equipment and Supplies used for cleaning, deburring and finishing all types of surfaces.

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Versatile, Precise and Controllable Precision Blasting by IEPCO

Superior Technology based Microblasting

Nonabrasive Cleaning | Softblasting | Structure Microblasting | Deburring

Service of microblasted and tribological surface treatments with IEPCOFINISH®

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Surface Texturing | Selective Cleaning | Precision Deburring | Controlled Erosion

Industry use with Rubber, silicone and polyurethane processing, Plastic and elastomer form tools, Medical technology, Punching, compression and cut-off tools, Textile, paper and printing industry, Propulsion technology and engine construction.

Nonabrasive Cleaning

The micro beam finish after grinding, eroding and cutting (High Speed Cutting) at steel form tools for plastics processing industry is nowadays a standard of surface treatments.


Cleaning and compression of surface with double-stage micro beam technology, after steel process at form tools onlinecasinogo.com.



With the iepco softblasting technology polluted elastomers and plastic materials can be cleaned selective, porosities deep, dry, abrasive-free and without chemistry in a few minutes. Deposits in form cavities, polluted extruder and casting screws and squirted hot runners can be cleaned easily.

Because of a special mix of blasting material the surfaces of the base material are not modified or damaged with the softblasting process. The original surface topography are preserved, also with textured base materials.


Partly by softblasting cleaned extruder screw, without damaging of the polished surface casinoluck.ca.


  • abrasive-free cleaning
  • no thermal damage of components or form tools
  • no solvent needed
  • reproducible cleanness
  • environmentally friendly


Structure Microblasting

With structure microblasting form tool surfaces are roughed up, due to the industrial standard VDI 3400 or specific design requests.

Cavity and surface texture define shape and abrasiveness of the plastic or elastomer (gum) products.


With the choice of the sort, shape, grade and impactt speed of the blasting material differential surface textures can be produced.

Application Example

The abrasiveness should modify the product / PE milk bottle in the positive direction:

  • grip save surface
  • cool feeling
  • noble look


Fine deburring with microblasting after laser cutting of stents implants for the medical technology. Vasoconstriction are stabilized by catheter operations.
Different stents geometries are grinded out of fine special section tubes with a laser.


These tiny, latticed metal tubes have to be deburred and cleaned very carefully, because the implant geometry doesn't have to take any modification.

Call: (905) 279-1275

Email: sales@swissinstruments.com