0.2-2.2″ Inside Micrometer 52-275-005-0

With Fowler Inside Micrometer Calipers, you are assured of smooth operation and stabilized uniform accuracy.   The frame is specially designed to enable the micrometer to provide extremely accurate small internal measurements.

• Satin chrome finish on barrel and thimble
• Measuring faces are fully hardened, precision ground and microlap finished to assure exceptionally accurate measuring
• Spindle threads are hardened and ground
• Microfine graduations (.001″ or .01mm) on a satin chrome finish permit easy reading
• Ratchet stop thimble assures exact and repetitive readings
• Easy zero adjustment on the sleeve
• Meets or exceeds Federal accuracy specs
• Includes a setting ring
• Includes a spanner wrench and a case

Range: 0.2-2.2”³
Graduation: 0.001”³
Accuracy: 0.0002”³

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