1 Whiteface Premium Dial Indicator With Certificate Of Calibration 52 520 129 0

Special Features:
• Revolution counter hand. Supplied with lug backs positioned through 90° increments.

• Spindle rack & contact points of hardened stainless steel for long wear; cases forged brass, satin-chromed; gear wheels hard brass.

• Pinions of silver steel, hardened tempered and burnished on pivots; lapped on teeth.

• Microfine graduations in black for continuous readings and red for balanced readings

• Available in metric graduations

• Movement mounted independently from case on rigid supporting plate, ensuring perfect and permanent alignment

• Extra long springs for uniform pressure through entire travel of spindle.

• Bezel knurled; easily adjusted thru 360°

• Meets AGD specifications. Group II & III gages—measuring pressure approximately 2 oz. except .0001″ (.002mm) which is 5 oz

• Includes adjustable tolerance limit markers

• Price includes fitted carton box


*Image shown for representational purposes only.

AGD Group: 2
Range: 1”³
Graduation: 0.0005”³
Continuous Reading: 0—50
Balanced Reading: 0—25—0

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