3D Electronic Sensor 54-575-300-0

Electronic Edge Finder, Offset and Centering Gages feature three LED indicators which provide 360° visibility. The 3-D Electronic Sensor has four LED indicators. High sensitivity sensors for fast and accurate positioning in manufacturing applications including milling and turning.   Indicators light up at the slightest touch to their sensors.   All gages are made of hardened and ground chrome steel and include batteries.

• Zero finding fast and extremely accurate on all axes X, Y and Z.

• Operates in horizontal or vertical position.  

• Can be used for X and Z location for CNC turning,   X, Y and Z for machining centers and for centering and measuring round holes.

• Includes 4 batteries

Probe diameter: .200”³
Shank diameter: .750”³  

Z-axis to reference surface: 2”³

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