6″ X 6″ X 2″ Sine Plate 57-374-002

Built to precise specifications, the sine plate is ideal for angular comparison.   The plate is used to cancel out the angle being measured.  

The sine plate is precise enough to be used for inspection purposes, yet rugged enough for machining, drilling and grinding.

Large diameter hinge and gage block rolls add stability and sturdiness for machining.   Two self-storing, hardened and ground side rails and a locking strap always remain below the top surface.



• Built-in .200″ minute step for ease in setting small angles.

• Can be used with #57-470-series Angle Plates.

•   Constructed of carburized steel, hardened to RC58-62.

• Ground square and parallel within .0002″-.0005″ (depending on size.)

• Tapped holes in top plates of models 6″ x 6″ or smaller are 1⁄4-20.   Remaining models have 3⁄8-16 tapped holes.

• Roll accuracy within .0002″.

Sine plate dimension: 6”³ x 6”³ x 2”³
Center distance of rolls: 5″

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