81 Piece Economy Rectangular Gage Block Set 53-672-081-0

An economy version of our deluxe Fowler Gage Block Sets, featuring ±.000050″ (fifty millionths) accuracy and a very significant price savings.

Fowler “Economy/Workshop” grade Gage Block Sets are identical to our standard sets in all respects, except for the wider range of tolerance which is more than adequate for a majority of shop needs.   Blocks are rectangular, constructed of the finest grade of high carbon/chrome steel, fully stress relieved, hardened to 65 RC, lapped and mirror polished to a very low micro-surface finish.   Blocks feature a low coefficient of thermal expansion, and they are carefully inspected for accurate size, parallelism and flatness.



• ±.000050″ accuracy for a lower price, each department can now have their own set.

• Standard industrial sizes ensure complete interchangeability with all accessories.

• Each set complete with deluxe fitted case and Certificate of Inspection traceable to the National Institute of Standards & Technology.

Blocks included in each set:
9 Blocks .1001”³ thru .1009”³ step of .0001”³
49 Blocks .101”³ thru .149”³ step of .001”³
19 Blocks .050”³ thru .950”³ step of .050”³
4 Blocks 1.000”³ thru 4.000”³ step of 1.000”³

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