81 Piece Rectangular Steel Gage Block Set 53-670-080-0

• Grade Ø
• Each block is rectangular steel and hardened to 65RC, stress relieved, lapped to accurate size, parallelism and  flatness, then carefully inspected and marked for size;   designed to meet close tolerances
• Each set includes standard sizes found in more expensive sets.   Each block individually serialized; conforms to rigid standards of the National Institute of Standards & Technology

• Price includes fitted wood case

Blocks included in each set:
9 Blocks .1001”³ thru .1009”³ step of .0001”³
49 Blocks .101”³ thru .149”³ steps of .001”³
19 Blocks .050”³ thru .950”³ steps of .05”³
4 Blocks 1.000”³ thru 4.000”³ steps of 1.000”³

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