81 Piece Square Steel Gage Block Set 53-672-028

Fowler Square Steel Gage Block Sets are manufactured to the same high precision and from the same special steel used in our rectangular sets and conform to ASME B89.1.9-2002


• Sets supplied with certificate of inspection showing deviation for each block

• Grade Ø

• All Gage Block Sets include certifications of calibration traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology

• Gage Block Sets are made to special standards to resist corrosion & defacement and are coated when calibrated at the time of final inspection for protection from moisture and foreign matter

• Surface finish .4 millionths

• Includes fitted case


*Image shown for representational purposes only

Block sizes included in each set:
9 Blocks .1001”³ thru .1009”³ step of .0001”³
49 Blocks .101”³ thru .149”³ step of .001”³
19 Blocks .050”³ thru .950”³ step of .050”³
4 Blocks 1.000”³ thru 4.000”³ step of 1.000”³

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