8Mm Probe Set For The -Trimos V3 – V6 Height Gages 54-199-106-0



54-194-910-0 Carbide Ball Probe Ø 4mm L 140mm

54-194-906-0 Carbide Ball Probe Ø 2mm

54-194-912-0 Carbide Probe with pin Ø 1.5mm

54-194-938-0 Swivel holder 90° Ø 4mm

54-194-942-0 Measuring insert holder Ø 2mm

54-194-930-0,931-0   Insert holder (metric) M2.5

54-199-505-0 Insert holder L=124mm M2.5

Insert holder L=200mm M2.5

Hemispheric probe tip

Disc-shaped insert Ø 18mm

Test indicator tip Ø 1mm

Test indicator tip Ø 2mm

Test indicator tip Ø 3mm

Key for ball tip

Hex wrench 2.5mm

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