Clinotronic PLUS

Clinotronic PLUS is a portable precision instrument for measuring inclinations up to ±45° or up to ±60°.

The compact Clinotronic PLUS inclination measuring instrument is known in the industry for its proven precision and robustness as well as for its versatility.

Its main features are:

  • Stable aluminum housing, hard anodized
  • All four sides can be used as measuring bases
  • Display of measuring value in all standard units
  • Powered by standard 1.5V batteries, allowing cost-efficient reliability around the world
  • Option to connect to a PC
  • As options, magnetic inserts and threaded holes are available
  • Optional ClinoMASTER allows a precise recalibration on site


Also the following expressions are common:

  • Clinometer
  • Inclinometer
  • digital inclination sensor
  • digital inclinometer
  • digital inclination measuring instrument
  • inclination sensor

Calibration Certificate: The Clinotronic PLUS can be delivered with an internationally recognised Calibration Certificate against a surcharge.

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