CNC and Machine Tool Storage

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Lista’s CNC and machine tool systems are engineered and built
specifically for the manufacturing environment, and the storage
and transport of metalworking tools and machine shop tools. They
save space, time and money in every department from
storage to preset to machining.
Lista’s CNC solutions include: CNC transporters, storage
cabinets, machine tool cabinets, workbenches and CNC Storage
Wall® Systems.


Cabinets feature

  • Tool holders and tool holder frames: ideal for
    all types of pre-set tool handling
  • Drawer and roll-out trays: with a 440 lb.
    weight capacity, each drawer and tray is fully equipped to meet
    your specific needs
  • Lockable hinged or sliding doors: protect
    tools from the working environment
  • Retainer top with ribbed mat or butcher block
    provides highly functional work surface

Transporters feature:

  • Rigid steel frames and tubular steel handles:
    superior construction, rugged durability
  • Wide range of accessories: create a customized
    tool trolley
  • Slotted steel sheet side panels: easy
    adjustability of accessories
  • Two fixed and two swivel lockable casters:
    optimum traction and maneuverability
  • 2400 lb. load capacity: for the most demanding

Lista Tool Holders are the basic components of our
technically perfect solution, and are ideal for vertical storage
of all types of preset tools.
Lista Cnctool Holder

For maximum flexibility, tool trays with protective tool holders
go from drawers to transporters to tool stations and bench
stands. The wide range of transporter accessories allows you to
create a customized tool trolley. (read more)


Lista’s tool transporters are the last word in strength,
easy maneuverability and adaptability, safely and easily
transferring CNC tooling from storage to machines.

Lista Tool Transporters
(Shown: B240 tool transporter)

Machine tool cabinets offer flexible combinations of
drawers and roll-out trays behind lockable hinged or sliding
doors, which protect tools from the working environment.

Lista Machine Tool Cabinets
(Shown: double width machine tool cabinet with sliding doors and
butcher block top)

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