Compound Sine Plate 57-375-001-0

Fowler compound sine plates are designed to accommodate a wide variety of inspection, grinding and machining jobs.   The bi-directional plates allow angles to be set front to back or side to side for simple angles or a combination of the two for true compound angles.   The top plates have adjustable height and self-storing rails along with two locking straps that always remain below the surface.


• Built-in .200″ minute step in front gage block roll.

• Constructed of steel, hardened to RC58-62.

• Precision ground square and parallel within .0002″-.0003″ depending on the size.

• Can be used with the #57-470-series Angle Plates.

• Roll accuracy within .0002″.

• Models 6″ x 6″ or smaller have 1⁄4-20 tapped holes in top plate. Larger models have 3⁄8-16 tapped holes.

Sine plate dimensions: 6”³ x 6”³ x 3-1/8”³
Center distance of rolls: 5”³

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