Crosspoint Jeweler Screwdriver 52-490-007

Jewelers’ miniature screwdrivers feature a finger support swiveling head that can be held and rotated for precise control while removing and tightening screws.

Popular with toolmakers, machinists, technicians, repair and maintenance personnel, photographic and electronic repair, telescope and optical, automotive, aircraft, aerospace, instrument users, model makers, for the home or office.



• Blades hardened and tempered   with a black parkerized finish.

• Made of nickel chrome molybdenum steel.

• Chrome plated steel handles.

• Includes case

• Set of five screwdrivers: crosspoint screwdrivers #0 & #1; Hex key wrenches: #2 (.049″), #3 (.061″) & #4 (.077″)

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