Fowler Clino 2000 Precision Inclinometer

Fowler digital inclination measuring instrument……the Clino 2000…combines precision and quality for a great variety of measuring tasks that will fulfill all your requirements.

• Highest possible precision over large measuring range of ±45° with integrated temperature compensation.

• Effortless zero adjustment by using the integrated software and a reversal measurement.

• Easy to calibrate due to implemented software guidance and the calibration aids included.

• State of the art digital technology.

• Built-in possibility to connect an additional instrument for differential measurement or Zerotronic sensors by using the serial I/O port.

• Large digital display for setting all commonly used measuring units.

• The instrument is fully compatible with the whole range of digital sensors from WYLER.

• Powered by common 1.5 V batteries, rechargeable batteries or with mains adaptor.

• Fulfills the strict European CE requirements (immunity against electro-magnetic smog).

• Rugged stainless steel housing with ground prismatic bases allows use on flat or cylindrical surfaces.

• Fitted Case.


Magnetic inserts or threaded holes are available upon request for any WYLER level. Contact our Technical Department for prices and availability.

Measuring range:   ±45 arc°.  Optional: ±10 arc° / ±30 arc° / ±60 arc°Calibration:  Quick calibration using built-in  
software and  calibration aids

Settling time:   <5 sec. Value available after setting

Resolution:   5 Sec. of arc (≈0.025mm/m), depending on units set

Limits of error:   <12 Sec. of arc + 0.027% readout or<30 Sec. of arc. After using quick calibration aids.

Data output:   RS232/RS-485, asynchr., 7 Bit, 2 Stopbits, no parity, 9600 Baud

Power supply:   Standard—Batteries: 2 x Size AA 1.5V Alkaline  (40—60 hours) or Optional—Batteries: 2 x  

Size  AF 1.2 V NiMH rechargeable  (30 —  50 hours)  or with mains adaptor

External power supply:   (Optional) +12…+48 V DC/200—500 mW

Temperature range:   Operating: 0° to 40°C. Storage: -20° to 70°C.  

Housing, stainless steel:   Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 1.375″(150 x 150 x 35mm.)

Weight:   6.6 lb. (3kg)

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