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Mahr offers you a complete range of products in order for you to
obtain the most reliable solution for all your measuring tasks.
Whether it’s simply scribing a work piece or complex
measurements in two dimensions – Digimar Height Measuring
Instruments guarantee a maximum of both flexibility and quality.
Our motorized Height Measuring Instruments Digimar 817 CLM and
816 CL exceed all customer requirements; they are simple to
operate, all the basic functions can be executed with a single
key as well as offering a maximum of ease and accuracy.

FEATURED: The new Height Measuring Instrument
Digimar 817 CLM with the innovative Quick Mode.
Highly accurate rapid easurements, a wide range of measuring and
evaluation options and excellent operator comfort.


The Digimar Height Measuring Instruments are ideal partner for
the workshop, on the production line or in the inspection room,
they are Simple to use, Fast and Accurate.

Mahr offers a complete product range. From the simpliest Height
and Scribing Measuring Instruments to the high end motorized
measuring station with 2D measuring functions.


For other technical data about a specific Mahr Height Measuring
Instrument, please select an Instrument from the list below:

Motorized Height Measuring Instruments

Digimar 817 CLM
Quick Height

Digimar 816

Manual Height Measuring Instruments

Digimar M 814 N

Digimar M 814 G
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