Internal Bore Measurement

Product Details

Diatest produces a wide range of simple to use
instruments for internal bore measurement

From prototyping to large production requirements, Diatest offers
a wide variety of instruments to test and measure internal bore

Plug gauges are perfect for testing of production pieces as they
offer very fast and accurate results with minimal user error.
With a 2 point design Diatest BMDPlug Gauges are able to
accurately repeat measurements of down to 0.001mm

Plunger probes are great for the workshop or testing of different
pieces as they can measure a wide range of sizes with the right

Diatest measuring plugs and gauges can also be used with other
brands of indicators allowing you to add more accurate and
precise instruments to your shop with minimal investment.

Diatron also offers electronic and wireless data transmission and
recording with it’s Diatron and Diawireless offerings expanding
their range of bore measurement technologies to be even more


Plug Gauges:

  • Self-centring high-precision indicating plug gauge allowing
    static and dynamic measuring
  • Application in manufacturing of high-precision bores from
    Ø 2.98 mm to 270 mm/0.117″ to 10.62″
  • Measuring range: 0.1 mm to 0.8 mm depending on diameter and
  • Calibration in setting ring
  • Various contact points (material and design) depending on
    work-piece type
  • Many designs in standard programme
  • Special design on request
  • Extensive range of accessories
  • Setting rings according to DIN2250-C in standard programme
    (range Ø 1 mm to 300 mm/0.04″ to 11.8″)
  • Holders and depth extensions are manufactured from
    temperature stabilised material, ensuring minimal gauging errors.

Diatest Plunger Type Probes For Internal Bore Measurement

  • Modular design, universal bore gauge system for larger bores
    (M5678 and M68-FB)
  • Large measuring range (± 1.5 mm)
  • Application range: Ø 26.3 mm to 330 mm/1.03″ to 13″
    (Ø 38.5 mm to 348 mm/ 1.5″ to 13.7″ for blind bore FB)
  • Calibration in setting master or micrometer
  • Adaptability to most bore gauging applications
  • Blind bore type (FB) in standard programme
  • Tungsten carbide contact points
  • Holders and depth extensions are manufactured from
    temperature stabilised material, ensuring minimal gauging errors.

Split Ball Probes:

  • Universal bore gauge for indicating bore gauging
  • Modular design system with extensive range of accessories,
    enables gauging of most bores.
  • Application range: Ø 0.47 mm to 41.3 mm/0.02″ to 1.6″
    (in 3-point version up to 150 mm/5.9″)
  • Calibration in setting master
  • Styles for blind bores (FB) and parallel distances (PA)
    included in standard programme
  • Special designs on request
  • Setting rings according to DIATEST company standard or to DIN
    Split Ball Probe For Internal Bore Diameter Measurement

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