Laser Micrometer Xploreline Series

Product Details

The Xploreline series is a cost effective solution for making
continuous measurements on product while in process. Any XLS
single or dual axis laser micrometer can be used in the
Xploreline configuration. The single axis lasers can measure
diameters up to 150mm while the dual axis lasers can measure
diameters up to 80mm. Up to 1000 different products can be stored
in the XLS laser gauge memory for instant recall. Like the
Wireline series above, the Xploreline can also be used for wire
drawing. The same performance specifications are included in the
Xploreline. The main difference in the Xploreline as compared to
the Wireline is in the display. The Xploreline includes a small
remote display while the Wireline includes the CE 100 three line
display as pictured with the Wireline.

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