Micro Machining Center

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It’s new. It’s unbelievably versatile and highly accurate.

The KERN Micro NEW is an ultra-compact all-rounder, wonderfully
automatable and precise to the nanoscale. This multi-talented
machine can be used for a universal spectrum of parts –
from precision to ultra-high precision.

4 Images Of Kern Machine

Of course it also features the high position accuracy KERN is
renowned for, whilst maintaining the highest levels of
repeatability and reliable productivity.

The KERN Micro NEW is available either as a three or five-axis
machining center.

Kern Micro CNC Machining
from Swiss
on Vimeo.


  • One-Box, Plug & Play
  • Very compact design in relation to the workpiece size
  • Tool cabinet with rapid change pallets for more than 200
  • Total temperature control
  • KERN precision
  • Innovation: 4 patents pending
  • perfect automation concept

Intelligent Temperature Management

All important components are kept at a constant temperature of 20
C. This includes coolants, electrical switch, cabinet, spindle
and all axes. The temperature is raised or lowered as required.

Very Compact in Relation to the Workpiece Size

In a space of just four square metres, the machine can perform
five-axis machining of very large workpieces with a maximum
diameter of 350mm. The intelligent arrangement of the fourth and
fifth axes results in a large swivel range that allows full use
of the working area.

Perfect Ergonomics and Automation Options

The working area and the tool cabinet are fully accessible at all
times, even with the automation. Large openings and easy access
to the clamping area facilitate manual operations. There are
interfaces for all standard automation functions. Automatic
workpiece chaining systems can easily be retrofitted.

Plug & Play

One-box design: all units – with the exception of optional water
chiller – are integrated in the machine. It is ready to operate
in just a few steps; only four connections have to be made for

KERN Precision

The proverbial KERN precision includes precise machining with
accuracy of up to +- 0.5 um as well as high repeat accuracy as
part of productive, reliable operation. The significantly lower
scrape rate saves costs – in both high-precision and precision

Toll Cabinet with Quick-Change Pallets for Over 200 Tools

There is also great flexibility for tool selection: the new “tool
cabinet” presents up to 209 tools for automatic changing,
displayed to the operator through a clear window. Thanks to the
separately patented quick change pallets, complete tool sets can
be put together for each job and stored in an additional cabinet.
THus the stroed tools can be refreshed or extended as required
with minimum set-up tines.

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