The inclination measuring instrument MINILEVEL NT is designed for precision measurements of small angles. Such measurements are particularly flatness measurements on surface plates or the measuring of geometrical features on machines of all kind. The sealed and nitrogen filled sensor cell allows perfect applications even under extremely difficult environmental conditions with high air humidity or in the rough environment of a workshop.


  • Large LCD digital display, 2 sensitivities selectable
  • Precise zero-point adjustment by push button operation
  • Sturdy, precisely machined aluminium housing for protection against external influence
  • Fully digitalised signal evaluation with electronic components of the latest technology, provides a digital as well as an analog signal output
  • Enables direct linking through the digital LEVELMETER 2000 to a PC and the WYLER measuring software LEVELSOFT PRO
  • Powered with standard batteries 1.5 V, size AA
  • Complies with the high requirements of the CE normalisations and other international standards in respect of immunity against electromagnetic contamination
  • All standard measuring bases available
  • Factory calibration possible in [arcsec]or in mm/m>

Apart from the display, MINILEVEL NT also offers an easily comprehensive menu. Not only can the measuring range be switched, but also the displayed value can be changed manually (in order to change the zero offset).

On the display you can see the actual measuring value in [μm/m] respectively in [arcsec], the measuring unit in use as well as the measuring range selected.

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