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Lista features advanced mobile cabinets, carts and tool boxes,
which are mini workstations and high-density storage cabinets on
wheels, designed for a wide range of industry applications.

Available in a variety of heights, widths and depths, Lista’s
mobile cabinets come in many configurations, providing a diverse
array of storage options. Lista’s seven different cabinet
footprints, which can be combined in both side-by-side and
stacked configurations, offer the widest range of mobile options
in the industry. Through the use of Lista’s many modular
components and accessories, each mobile workstation can be
designed to exactly suit the user’s specific needs.

The cabinet drawers feature a 440 lb. load capacity and are
available in seven different full sidewall heights for maximum
cubic storage capacity. Able to extend a full 100% from the
housing, the drawers allow for complete use of the furthest
corners and easy accessibility to all contents. Each drawer has
individual latches, which lock drawers closed for safe transport,
and Lista’s patented PrevenTip® one-drawer-at-a-time
interlock safety system prevents accidental cabinet tipping.
Lista’s flexible drawer interiors can be individualized with an
extensive array of subdividing options, including dividing and
partitioning accessories, plastic boxes and foam cut-out liners,
to meet specific storage needs.

Lista’s mobile workstations are offered with a variety of work
surfaces, including retainer top with ribbed mat, butcher block,
stainless steel and plastic laminate. For increased flexibility,
Lista’s mobile workstations can be outfitted with Lista’s Nexus
Accessory System, a highly functional, modular above-work surface
accessory solution.

Each mobile cabinet comes complete with a locking system and
handles, as well as two rigid and two swivel heavy-duty ball
bearing casters with brakes.


1) Optional tops
Wide choice of sturdy, long-lasting work surfaces.

2) Individual drawer latches
Drawers are individually locked into the closed position.

3) Sturdy handles
Handles are mounted on the cabinet housing.

4) Heavy duty casters
Each mobile unit has two swivel and two fixed casters with a foot
pedal lock that locks the wheel.

5) PrevenTip® interlock system
Our patented (U.S. Pat. 5,605,388) drawer locking system
when one drawer is extended, all other drawers are locked in
place to prevent accidental tipping.

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