Primar MX4

Product Details

A successful combination of Formtester and polar coordinate
measuring instrument.

  • Form, Gear and 3D features in one set-up
  • Wide range of applications
  • Extremely efficient


In future, avoid long re-equipping and transport times from one
testing machine to another. With the Primar, clamp in your
workpieces only once, start the measuring program, and the
machine works through all test parameters fully automatically.
There´s nothing more efficient.

  • Extremely high efficiency
  • Easily accessible turntable for large and heavy parts
  • Patented machine design with a transport and drive system
    separated from the measuring and reference system
  • Use on shop floor possible


With the Primar, you handle a wide range of measuring tasks more
economically than ever before.

It is the first unit capable of checking eccentric parts with
Formtester accuracy. With easy-to-use family programs for gears,
geared tools, bevel gears, camshafts, pistons and connecting rods
or customized measuring programs developed specifically for your

  • Mechanical engineering and electrical engineering: gears,
    rotors, spindles, ball bearing cages, spur gear shafts, involute
    toothing, hollow shafts with internal toothing, pinion shafts,
    planetary gears, hollow gears, control valves, tappets, camshafts
    and conrods
  • Vehicle manufacturing: supplemented by pistons, steering
    components, axle and shaft studs, cardan shafts, bevel gears etc.

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