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Kernnano Tool And Mold Making Machines Are Accurate Enough To Drill Through Human Hair
The KERN Pyramid
Nano has been developed for applications which require maximum
accuracy and surface finish on larger workpieces. An integrated
automatic workpiece changer allows unmanned operations even for 5
axes simultaneous jobs.

Virtually Perfect Nano Precision

The precision of the Kern Pyramid Nano goes beyond nano precision
with positional accuracy within ± 0.3µm. To
demonstrate the accuracy of the Kern Machining systems with
Hydrostatic drives, Kern was able to drill five consecutive holes
into an actual hair from a Kern Employee. Not only is the Kern
Pyramid Nano able to successfully position over the hair, it is
able to make a clean hole through the hair because of how
vibration free it is.

Kern Pyramid Nano 5 Axis
from Swiss
on Vimeo.


KERNPyramid Nano is a cost effective nano precision maching and
large volume cutting amchine. With precision features such as a
laser tool length measuring system, touch probe system with
infared transmission and hydrostatic axes and guideways the Kern
Pyramid Nano is able to tackle precision machining operations
other machines simply can’t handle.

KERNPyramid Nano is perfect for making rapid prototypes, die and
tool making as well as precision molds. The nano µm
precision is perfect for making difficult to make parts.


The Hydrostatic Drives And Guideways On The Kern Tool And Mold Making Cncmachining Center Is Ultra Smooth And FastHydrostatic drives and

The hyrdostatic drives and guideways of the Kern Pyramid Nano
allow for the most accurate surface finishing. The hydrostatic
drives are also able to provide fast acceleration with maximum
vibration dampening.

Advantages of the hydrostatic system:

  • Finest surface finishes with hydrostatic dampening
  • Smallest movements of the axes 0.1µm
  • Wear-free guideways and drives
  • Almost frictionless movements . no “slip stick” effect, even
    when moving in small increments
  • Low sensitivity at high machining forces
  • High dynamic rigidity
  • Permanently cooled circulating hydraulic oil flows through
    axes, drives and machine frame
  • The highly dynamic third axis construction does not require
    counter-balance weights
  • All motors are mounted outside of the axes – thus minimizing
    possible temperature influence
  • Approx. 50% lower energy costs in comparison to linear drives
  • No unacceptable cogging effects, as seen with linear drives

Machine Characteristics

  • Possitional accuracy Ps ± 0.3µm
  • Surface quality Ra 0.05µm
  • Acceleration 10m/s² (1g)
  • Feed rate 30 m/min
  • Digital CNC dividing head with torque drives for a high
    dynamic range when milling 5 Axe symultanious
  • Verctor controlled Spinlde HSK 40 with orientated tool pick
    up. Internal tool cooling available.
  • Vector controlled Spindle HSK 25 with orientated tool pick up
  • Automatic tool changer HSK 40. 25-,50,- or 75 positions
  • Automatic tool changer HSK 25. 32-,64-, or 96 positions
  • Integrated work piece changer with up to 20 positions (max.
    70x70x150mm work piece)
  • Optional: External work piece changer (max. pallet size 300 x
  • Automatic tool measuring of length and radii, using laser
  • Automatic work piece probing using touch probe with infrared
    data transfer
  • Milling of hard steel up to HRC 64
  • Machining of graphite and ceramics
  • Optimal dampening due to KERN ARMORITH®
  • Hydrostatic guide ways
  • Hydrostatic drives
  • Integrated temperature management for constant cooling of
    spindle, hydraulic system, electronic cabinet, and flood coolant
  • Compact design due to integrated peripheral components
  • Jig grinding package available

The Pyramid Nano can be configured to your individual
requirements – further accessories and options are available.

Technical Specifications

Travel X/Y/Z
Clamping area
Workpiece weight
Feed rateAcceleration
500/500/400 mm (19.69/19.69/15.75″)
max.600 x 600 mm (23.62 x 23.62″)
max. 250 kg
0.01-30,000 mm/min
(0.00039-1181.10 “/min
10 m/s² (1g) (393.70 “/s²)
Precision according to VDI/DGQ
Positioning scatter Ps
Precision on the workpiece (3-axis)
0.1 µm (0.0000039″)
±0.3 µm (0.0000118″)
±1.0 µm (0.0000393″)
Choice of spindles:
Tool changer capacityTool diameter
Tool length
Tool changing time
Chip to chip time
HSK 40: 200 36,000 rpm, 11 kW (S1)
HSK 25: 500 50,000 rpm, 6.4 kW (S1)
HSK 40: 25, 50 or 75 tools
HSK 25: 32, 64 or 96 tools
max. 50 mm (1.97″)
max. 100 mm (3.94″)
approx. 3 s
approx. 6 s
4th / 5th axis:
Feed rate
360° continuous
-20° up to +110°
< 1″
A/C 800 rpm
Automatic workpiece
changing system
20 up to 200 positions and more
Kern Pyramid Nano:
Space requirements min


2.85 x 3.58 x 3.14 m
(112.21 x 140.95 x 123.54″)
approx. 8,000 kg

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