Split Ball Probe

Product Details

Split-ball probes are universal bore gauges for
indicating internal measurements. The modular design with
extensive accessories enables gauging of most common bores. This
allows use for serial and individual control as well as
preferentially in the plant directly at the production machine.
Due to different styles through bores, blind bores, parallel
distances, etc. can be gauged.

Diatest Splitt-Ball Probe Features

  • Universal bore gauge for indicating bore gauging
  • Modular design system with extensive range of accessories,
    enables gauging of most bores.
  • Application range: Ø 0.47 mm to 41.3 mm/0.02″ to 1.6″
    (in 3-point version up to 150 mm/5.9″)
  • Calibration in setting master
  • Styles for blind bores (FB) and parallel distances (PA)
    included in standard programme
  • Special designs on request
  • Setting rings according to DIATEST company standard or to DIN
    2250-C in standard programme

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