Sylvac S – Scan 52 54-902-552-1


Discover our new range of Fowler-Sylvac SCAN machines with over 150 measuring features to control the most demanding dimensions and geometrical tolerances.

Our range of Fowler-Sylvac’s machines are designed to measure round parts with diameters from 0.25 mm up to 50 mm (80 mm on request) and up to 500 mm long. Most of the cylindrical parts, such as aerospace and automotive shafts and components, connectors, dental screws and implants, hydraulics parts, metal packaging for food and cosmetics, rollers, turbines parts, CNC turned parts, etc. can be measured in a few seconds. Various thread types and features can be measured and analyzed with our machines.

All SYLVAC-SCAN incorporate high resolution CCD sensors that combine 2 x 7’000 elements linear arrays, with a patented 7.5° system, which would correspond to a camera with a resolution of 200 megapixels! As the part profile is projected, these sensors, which are capable of detecting the slightest changes at pixel level, act as a light sensitive rule.

The contour of the workpiece is reproduced in shadow image on the software and all the various elements shown can be measured in static (without part rotation) or in dynamic (with part rotation) when geometrical features such as run-out or concentricity must be measured.


• Instrument according to technical specifications

• 2 male centers

• Computer

• Mouse

• Keyboard

• Windows multilingual operating system

• Screen

• Manual

• Fowler-Sylvac rotary headstock

• Fowler-Sylvac Reflex-Scan Software

*Image shown for representational purposes only

Technical Specifications
Measuring range:  0.5 – 52mm diameter
     300mm length
Numerical interval:       0.0001mm diameter
     0.0005mm length
Accuracy (µm):  (1.5 + D/100) diameter
     (4 + L/100) length
Repeatability:  0.5µm diameter

             2.5 µm length
Weight:  103 kg

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