Triton Machining Center

Product Details

Higher chip removal

The hydrostatic axis engineering of the KERN Triton offers the
most modern technology for the tool and the manufacturers as well
as the contract manufacturing industry. Paired with hydrodynamic
drives and a powerful machining spindle the KERN Triton is now
able to remove much higher chip loads – in hard as well as softer

Surface quality, precision and dynamics

The KERN Triton ideally combines surface quality and precision
with dynamics. The hydrostatic guides isolate the axways from the
machine base and other environmental influences resulting in a
vibration free work area. The slip-stick effect commonly found in
machine tools has been eliminated. Thus even the smallest
increments can be positioned jolt free on the KERN Triton.
Additionally the temperature managment system constantly controls
the hydrostatic oil-circulation system keeping the axways
perfectly tempered – even through very long machining cycles.


The KERN Triton produces the KERN typical surface finishes and
accuracies on the work piece, tool wear is also considerably

Specific Characteristics

  • Work environment: 500 x 500 x 400 mm
  • Tool changer: HSK 40, 25/50/75 tool positions
  • Very powerful high speed spindle
  • New engineered robust head stock in monocoque design
  • 4th and 5th axways with hydrodynamic torque drives for 5 axis
    simultaneous machining and egaged operations
  • Simultaneous mounting of work pieces for 3-axis or 5-axis
    machining without retrofitting possible
  • Optionally various work piece automation systems or robot
    handling systems can be retrofitted
  • Very compact footprint
  • Exemplary ergonomics

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