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Galileo EZ Manual Vision Systems

Galileo EZ systems are general-purpose manual video-based bench
top measurement systems, ideal for quality assurance and
inspection labs, and manufacturing, assembly and research

A precision mechanical bearing X-Y-Z stage and column translates
data accurately and repeatability to a MetLogix M3 or Quadra-Chek
control. Available in two sizes, these compact systems are
simple, precise and powerful.

Features & Specifications

  • X-Y-Z Measuring Range
    EZ200: 8″ x 4″ x 6″
    (200 x 100 x 150mm)
    EZ300: 12″ x 6″ x 5.5″
    (300 x 150 x 125mm)*
  • Z Accuracy (in/μm): E1=2.5+5L/1000
  • Surface Ring Illumination: LED or Fi-O
  • Auxiliary Lenses (Optional): .5X, 2.0X
  • Part Fixturing: Optional
  • Calibration Standards: Optional
  • New X & Y axis quick release levers for fast
    axis positioning
  • X-Y Accuracy (in/μm): E1=3.5+5L/1000
  • Zoom Optics: 6.5:1
  • Transmitted Illumination: LED or Fi-O
  • Workstation: Optional
  • Video Pixel Calibration Standard: Optional
  • Control System/Software choices:
    MetLogix M3 (as shown)
    Quadra-Chek QC200, QC300,

* Includes dovetail slide that can reposition the Z axis working
area up to 8″ (200mm)

M3 Touchscreen ControlStarrett M3 Touch Screen

M3 Control for EZ Manual Vision Systems

MetLogix M3 control software provides a broad range of powerful,
user-friendly functions on a touchscreen interface in place of
the traditional control. The operating interface is graphically
based and easy to learn.

A Starrett EZ with an MetLogix M3 touchscreen control offers a
state of the art vision system that is powerful, intuitive and
exceptionally accurate.

Features & Specifications

  • Multi-Touch Software Control that can pan and zoom with
    pinch, swipe, or touch. Works with active part views and live
    video feeds (or use conventional mouse interface)
  • Custom “Eye Measure’ probe captures complex edges
    generated by a finger path drawn on the touch screen
  • “Measure Logic’ probe intelligence provides
    instant feature determination and measurement with a single touch
  • “Vtouch’ Probe has video touch probe
    functionality – just click for simple acquisition of points
    on a feature’s edge
  • Part View can generate distance and tangent lines from within
    the graphical part view. The “Gesture Menu’ can be
    used for feature creation and manipulation tools.
  • “Quick Annotate’ allows data for on or several
    features to be displayed simultaneously with smart marquee
    feature selection.
  • Application of universal tolerance value entry according to
    feature resolution groupings
  • Feature Detail Graphics: Individual feature views display
    point cloud distributions, nominal deviations, and tolerance
    results. Scroll Actual, Nominal, Tolerance, Deviation and Data
    Fit Type information.
  • Simple machine/camera calibration with popular machine and
    video correction methods
  • Windows 7-based, globally recognized OS for flexible data
    exporting and interface with Windows® applications.

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