Vision LF1273

Product Details

This multi-sensor floor-standing metrology instrument has
increased accuracy to verify critical dimensions. They are ideal
for use in QC labs, research, engineering or manufacturing


  • Transports are driven by hi-speed (up to 30’ per
    second), zero maintenance, balanced linear motors which are
    close-looped to precision hi-resolution scales in all three
  • Adjustable ergonomic workstation including a compact control
    panel and standard keyboard maximizes operator performance
  • Massive granite base, bridge and air-bearing ways for
    superior machine stability and precision
  • Large Flat panel LCD video display
  • QC5300 metrology software
  • Available with optional Renishaw contact probe and laser
    scanner, these systems can be configured to meet a variety of
    measurement needs
  • Also available with optional touch probe spotter camera for
    viewing critical placement of touch probe points as well as a
    touch probe changing rack
  • Programmable “Z” track lighting
  • LED surface ring illumination
  • LED transmitted illumination
  • Coaxial illumination
  • Digital video color camera
  • Workstation
  • NIST certified pixel calibration standard included



X-Y Accuracy E2=1.5+5L/1000
Z Accurac E1=1.5+5L/1000
Encoder Resolution (inches) 4μin
Encoder Resolution (mm) 0.1μm
Video Camera Color 1/2″ CCD
Optics Navitar 12:1 ratio zoom: (1.0X lens standard)
X-Y Travel (inches) 50″ x 36″
X-Y Travel (mm) 1270mm x 915mm
Z Travel (inches) 8″
Z Travel (mm) 200mm
Dimensions W x D x H (inches) 85″ x 93″ x 71
Dimensions W x D x H (mm) 217 x 235 x 180cm
Gross Weight (lb) 6600lb
Gross Weight (kg) 2994kg
Net Weight (lb) 5400lb
Net Weight (kg) 2450kg

Tags: vision, optical

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