Wyler Bluemeter Sigma

BlueMETER Sigma is a further enhancement of the well known BlueMETER and has been developed as an intelligent display unit for the electronic inclination  measuring instruments uncluding: BlueLEVEL, BlueCLINO, BlueCLINO High Precision, MINILEVEL NT, LEVELTRONIC NT (by means of cables only), Clinotronic Plus, ZEROMATIC and ZEROTRONIC-sensors.

Besides the excellent measuring accuracy, the measuring instruments BlueLEVEL, BlueCLINO, Clinotronic Plus and ZEROTRONIC-sensors supply a fully digital signal for transmitting these values over long distances without any loss of quality.

BlueMETER Sigma is a display unit and an interface between instruments and a PC/laptop.


• Large, easy-to-read color display

• Various color profiles available

• Various display methods are available

• Measured values of up to 4 instruments can be displayed simultaneously.

• Display of the difference of 2 instruments (A-B)

• Display of the difference of 4 instruments (A-B and C-D). The values can then be displayed as a 2D-graphic: A-B in X-direction and C-D in Y-direction.

• The connectors for the cables are now on the right side of the instrument, allowing adjusting the instrument to the optimal reading angle with a built-in bracket on the back of the BlueMETER Sigma.

Tags: electronic levels

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