Wyler Clinometer 53-635-500

Use to set and check angles through 360°.   Used in industries such as machine tools, general engineering, shipbuilding, textile machinery, structural bridges, mining & aeronautical, etc.

Simple to operate. For the initial setting, i.e., to the nearest degree, depress the spring loaded micrometer drum to disengage the drive to the main scale. Coarse setting is then made by rotating the spirit level by hand. Re-engage drive and rotate micrometer drum to obtain one final setting.


• Although smaller and more compact than most Clinometers, it still provides the same accuracy.

• Overall height 4.562″;   base length 6″;   base width 1.375″. Weight is 3 lbs. 9 oz.  

• Main circle: 1 division = 1 degree. Micrometer: 1 division = 1 minute. Accuracy: 1-1⁄2 minutes.

• Base hardened, ground flat with a longitudinal prismatic vee which allows it to be easily placed on flat & cylindrical surfaces.

• Circular scale, observed through viewing window, is marked 0-180-0 at one degree intervals and figured every 10 degrees.

• A spirit level vial, is attached to the adjusting collar.

• Scale is subdivided by means of an external micrometer graduated in minutes with a sensitivity of 1 division = 1 min. , 0.003″/10″ (.3mm/m).   Easy estimation to 30 seconds can be achieved. Drum graduated in minutes;   figured every 5 minutes.

• Includes fitted wood case.

Sensitivity of Level
1 minute, .003”³/10”³ (.3mm/m)

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