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Fowler 0-12”/300Mm Ultra-Cal Iii Heavy Duty Electronic Caliper 54-100-012-0

Heavy Duty Ultra-Cal III, made in Germany, combines the Swiss-patented Sylvac non-contact capacitive measuring system with output capabilities.

Electronic Specifications:
• Incremental floating zero
• Direct inch/metric conversion
• Fast tracking speed of approximately 60"/second.
• Combination zero/data/hold button
• Hold feature freezes display for later viewing.
• Direct RS-232C output


• Inside, outside measurements only.
• Caliper No. 54-100-212 with cross top jaws for direct inside measurement.
• Fine adjustment
• Frame and jaws are precision ground of hardened stainless steel.
• Price includes fitted case and battery

Range:  0-12″/0-300mm
Resolution:  0.0005″/.01mm
Repeatability:  0.0005″/.01mm ±2s
Overall Accuracy:  0.0015″/.04mm
Length of Bottom Jaws:  3.2″
Length of Top Jaws:  1.5″

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