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Fowler 0-6”/150Mm Vernier Caliper Parallax Free With Thumb Lock 52-060-016-0

Fowler's line of fine quality vernier calipers  measure accurately in inch or metric with vernier scales of .001" and .02mm.

• Made of fully hardened stainless steel; microfine black graduations on a satin chrome finish for easy, precise reading
• All models offer a depth rod which can be read directly from verniers
• Measuring faces are ground and lapped for extreme accuracy
• 4-way jaws for outside, inside, depth and step measurements
• Extra-long vernier ensures accuracy
• All sliding surfaces are raised to prevent defacement and wear of graduations
• All models meet or exceed U.S. Federal specifications for accuracy
• Includes case
• Parallax free version features beam & scales on same plane

Range: 0-6″/0-150mm
Graduations:  0.001″ and .02mm
Depth of Jaws: 1.6″

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