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Fowler 82 Piece Carbide Rectangular Gage Block Set 53-685-082

Carbide Rectangular Gage Block Sets are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.


• Grade AS1

• Fowler Tungsten Carbide Rectangular and Square Gage Block Sets are selected for stability, durability and fine grain structure with a hardness of 70 RC.  With this metal, a surface finish of less than .2 millionths (.005 microns) is ensured and gives maximum wringability which is appreciated by users of steel and chromium carbide gages.

• The surface finish process removes all peaks, leaving a 100% surface resistant to wear, ensuring long life within the original accuracy tolerance and retained wringability.

• Edges of gaging faces are reinforced for a smooth radius.

• Certificates of accuracy are furnished as standard with sets to the following grade: ASME B89.1.9-2002

• Tungsten carbide resists high corrosion, making it ideal for continuous handling. It is also slow to react to "hot hands" with a low coefficient of expansion.  

• Inch surface finish .2 millionths; metric surface finish is .005 microns.

• Includes fitted case. 

Blocks included in each set:
9 Blocks .1001″ thru .1009″ step of .0001″
49 Blocks .101″ thru .149″ step of .001″
19 Blocks .050″ thru .950″ step of .050″
4 Blocks 1.000″ thru 4.000″ step of 1.000″
1 Block .10005″

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