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Megamat Automated Storage

Product Details

As a fully automatic vertical storage carousel, the Megamat demonstrates the principle of ”goods to the operator” in a perfect manner. Megamat stands for organization, transparency, speed, and optimum utilization of space. Smooth outer panels conceal rugged and powerful tray units that are attached to vertical circulating chains. Under computer control, the trays move precisely to the storage/retrieval hatches. The integratedroute optimization guarantees minimum access times.

That's what transparency means: all parts move past the operators view, whilst the requested part is being retrieved. Due to this clarity, the Megamat can even be operated without centralized stock management. Stocks are then managed "on sight”.


The Megamat vertical storage carousel is ideally suited for high-turnover production parts as well as indirect-cost items such as tools, raw materials, and supplies. Handling large quantities of low-cost materials generally involves high logistic costs. Especially here, considerable savings are possible through optimized storage and ordering procedures.


Standard unit height: up to 12,0 m
Overall dimensions: width from 2560 up to 4501 mm
depth from 930 up to 1774 mm
Useful carrier widths: 2200 up to 3850 mm
Useful carrier depths: 308 up to 624 mm

Max. weight of stored goods per unit: up to 23 tons
Loading weight per carrier unit
Machine class 300: up to 150 kg
Machine class 1000: up to 180 kg
Machine class 1100: up to 220 kg
Machine class 1500: up to 350 kg
Machine class 2000: up to 650 kg

Carrier pitches: 203 up to 508 mm

Freely selectable, ergonomic height for goods access
Customized adaptation of the carriers and their partitioning
Comprehensive partitioning elements and transparent bins available
Access table can be supplied with different surface materials (e.g. stainless steel, with ESD protection, etc.)

Lockable sliding doors for the access port

Stock management by means of MM550 controller
Stock management with Megalogistik software package
Route-optimized transport (shortest route to access port)
Photoelectric barriers protect operator and goods
Up to 4 storage/retrieval access ports
Outer panels with numerous colour variations

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