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Fowler Bowers 2.625" - 3.250" Xt-Series Holemike 52-255-319-0

The Fowler-Bowers range of mechanical two and three point bore micrometers are now available as XT extended travel holemikes, allowing a wide measurement range without the need to interchange anvils.


• Graduations 0.00025"

• 3-pt contact with tungsten carbide measuring anvils above .5"

• Blind bore measuring above .5"

• Ratchet stop for consistent measuring

• Non-removable anvils

• Extensions available for deep measuring

• Setting rings included in all sets

• Includes UKAS certificates for all Holemikes and setting rings

• Every gage is individually serialized

*Image shown for representational purposes only

Range:  2.625″ - 3.250″
Graduation:  0.00025″
Accuracy:  0.0002″
Measuring Depth:  3.15″
Ring Included:  2.625″

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