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Diatest Diatron

Product Details

The DIATRON-family comprises digital measuring instruments that are able to measure, transfer, display and – depending on the gauge - also to store data.

Depending on the application and on the measuring job the DIATRON is used individually or in combination. The gauges are very sturdy and offer flexible operational capability.

Especially the DIATRON1000 - a gauge that breaks the mould in respect of accuracy and data transmission.


The DIATRON1000 is the flagship of a new generation of DIATEST measuring instruments
of extreme high precision combined with flexible and safe data transmission.

The DIATRON1000 is a complete and very flexible measuring system for internal and external measurement with integrated precision seven-digit-display.

Despite its sturdiness the DIATRON1000 fits comfortably in the hand and allows easy operation even in the most difficult measuring situations. With just two press keys the operator can easily measure in any position of the holder and directly display the measured data.
There are two other features, however, which make the DIATRON1000 unique: not only with the unique precision of nearly 1/10 µ (or 0,0002 mm) the DIATRON1000 is able to transmit its measured data optionally by safe radio transmission more than 200 m.


The DIATRON2200 is an electronic column with 3-colour bar scale (red, green, yellow and digital display of measured data.

Measured data can be transferred to the column via real radio transmission provided that an appropriate receiving module is applied. The electronic column safely receives the measured data outdoors from a distance of up to 200 m, inside buildings up to 20 m. Alternatively up to 8 HBT transducers can be connected. It is possible to combine the two transmission modes.

The column has an automatic function detecting the actual interface in use. Programming of unit is made by the rotary-push-button on the front side or by software. The column can be equipped with modules for 1, 2 or 4 probes (HBT). Connecting of other measuring systems on request.

Measuring and indicating functions:

  • Static measuring mode
  • dynamic measuring mode: min, max, tir, mean value,
  • bore gauge mode with automatic function
  • measuring range / resolution: ±3,0 mm/0.1µm resp.. ±30mm/1µm when using inductive probes

Measuring units:

  • mm and inch


  • Interface RS232: 9-pol. SUB-D bushing, hardware EIA RS232 standard, data format conforms to OPTO RS232
  • 2 x trigger input / tolerance outputs

Protection mode at front:

  • IP65 (CEI / IEC 529), rear depending on measuring module


Das DIATRON6000 is an SPC-capable display unit with analogue and digital display. Measured data can be transferred via real radio transmission to the DIATRON provided that a relating receiving module is fitted. The unit receives the data outside from a distance of up to 200 m, inside from up to 20 m. Alternatively up to 8 inductive probes can be connected.

The colour LCD screen displays up to 4 characteristics with coloured bars (red, green, yellow) as well as the digital value.

The touch screen enables easy and intuitive programming of the unit. Via a maximum of 5 buttons all functions can be engaged and programmed. Communication (programming and data transfer of measured values) with the PC takes place via USB interface (USB memory stick).

With the aid of the (PC) software supplied any amount of measuring programmes can be programmed and stored in the data base. If required these can be transferred to the DIATRON6000. Measured values are converted into Microsoft Excel-, CSV- or QS-Stat format.

The unit is suitable for the shop floor as well as the testing lab.

Some technical details:

  • 4 resp. 8 channel display unit with memory storage of readings and statistical functions
  • coloured analogue and digital touch screen
  • various display possibilities (survey photograph, control chart, record)
  • statistical analysis (data storage into Excel-, CSV and QS-stat)
  • Storage of up to 8.700 measured values per parameter and programme
  • Different measuring modes (static, dynamic, max, min, angular function, etc.)
  • Connection of probes (shape and position tolerances)
  • Connector for Tesa-compatible half-bridge electronic probes
  • Planning software with data base function and data conversion for PC included

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