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Diatest DIATRON 1000

Product Details

The Diatron 1000 is the flagship of a new generation of Diatest-measuring instruments of extremely high precision and with flexible and safe data transmission.

The Diatron1000 is a complete and very flexible measuring system for internal and external measurement with integrated precision display (7 places)

Despite its robustness, the Diatron 1000 fits comfortably in the hand and allows easy operation even in difficult measuring situations. With just 2 push buttons, the operator can handle the holder easily in any position and display the measuring result directly.

But there are 2 other features which make the Diatron1000 unique: along unique precision of 1/10 µ (or 0,0002mm), with a the Diatron 1000 can transmit the measured result as an option by safe radio transmission with an operating distance up to 200 m.

Real radio transmission (Wireless)

The Diatron 1000 can transfer the measured data by means of the optional Diatest radio transmission module. This way, you can achieve distances of 200 m outside of buildings. The operating distance inside of buildings is up to 20 m.

The data is then captured by receiver modules which can be connected to any commercially available PC by USB-or RS232-interface. The electronic column Diatron2200 and Diatron6000 can receive measured data by an appropriate module.

Measured results are transferred safely and completely by using real radio transmission. Up to 120 devices can be connected to one receiver.

High precision

The Diatron1000 has an unbelievable precision of 0,0002mm. It can display the fourth decimal place precisely and stably. (This requires a display resolution of 0,0001 mm.)

Alternatively: cable

The measured result can be transferred optionally via cable to any commercially available PC with USB or RS232-interface or to DIATRON2200 and DIATRON6000. The cable can also be used for programming.

Display of tolerances

The Diatron1000 has a coloured (red-green-yellow) display of tolerances which can be used in all measuring modes. This way, you can easily evaluate the quality of the component directly at the point of manufacture.


Measured values can be displayed at any time in metric or inch-version.

The Diatron1000 has a 4 mm travel. Programming can be done directly at the measuring instrument. Operating time is up to 4000 h or 2 Mio. data transmissions.
The Diatron1000 permits static and dynamic measurement (Max/Min/difference) and is splashproof up to IP65 and protected from foreign matter.
Software for reception of measured results on PC is free of charge and can be used immediately.

The Diatron1000 can be equipped with both sizes of connecting threads M6x0,75 and M10x1. Thereby, angle position of BMD is continuously variable.

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