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Millimess is the “classic“ amongst all measuring instrument. For over 60 years the Millimess series of dial comparators has been synonymous with both high precision and extreme robustness. Both maximum accuracy and a minimal reversal span error bare obtained through the levers, gears and pinions being supported with jeweled bearings and that the measuring spindle running in a ball bush guide. Millimess is therefore particularly suitable for measuring tasks where the accuracy and the reversal span of a conventional dial indicator are not sufficient. Further advantages of Millimess are the simple handling, the easy reading as well as the movement being absolute shockproof. With a digital comparator with an inductive measuring system combined with most modern state of the art digital technology readings as small as 0.2 μm/ 10 μinch are realized. The practical control functions (for example tolerance monitoring or the storage of measuring values for dynamic easurements), the combined analog and digital display as well as the easy to use data transmission rounds off the complete Millimess spectrum.

Millimess Inductive Digital Comparators (Short range)

Millimess Inductive Digital Comparator 2100 with background lit display

Millimess Inductive Digital Comparator Extramess 2000

Millimess Inductive Digital Comparator Extramess 2001

Millimess Digital Comparator µMaxµm II

Maxµm III Digital Comparator

Millimess Mechanical Dial Comparators

Millimess Mechanical Dial Comparator 1002

Millimess Mechanical Dial Comparator 1003

Millimess Mechanical Dial Comparator 1003 XL

Millimess Mechanical Dial Comparator 1004

Millimess Mechanical Dial Comparator 1010

Millimess Mechanical Dial Comparator 1050

Millimess Mechanical Dial Comparator - Large-Millimess

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