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Tesa Electronic Length Measuring

Product Details

Brown & Sharpe/TESA offers a complete family of value sensors (electronic probes) as well as dedicated measuring instruments for the most demanding applications. Our standard probes - also called half-bridge probes - are electronic and require no adjustment.


All Brown & Sharpe/TESA electronic probes can either be used with hand-held internal and external measuring instruments or in conjunction with measuring stands and other typical measuring devices. Brown & Sharpe offers axial probes with linear displacement of the measuring bolt, angled probes with inclinable lever, or probes with parallel guiding that are specially designed for multi gaging devices and other equipment for in-process inspection. These probes are primarily used for making comparative measurements, based on a master standard, which is typically a gage block or setting ring.

• Random errors are significantly reduced as display setting and all subsequent measurements
are usually made under the same conditions.
• Brown & Sharpe measuring instruments are provided with an analog and/or digital display depending on their type.
• Signal processing can be made with positive or negative polarity signs. The use of one single probe enables single measurements of internal or external dimensions while the use of two probes produces either a sum measurement or a difference measurement.
• The ability to store values provides a level of security while taking dynamic measurements. The smallest or highest value as well as the difference between both values are examples
of the part features that are questioned when capturing form and position errors.
• Limit deviations are used to classify the measured values. These provide notification when out of tolerance conditions occur.

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