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Diatest Floating Holders

Product Details

Floating holders compensate position errors


Floating holder for split-ball probes
Floating only in one axis
Especially suitable for small split-ball probes in combination with MST
Float range: 0 to 1.5 mm/0.06“ continuously adjustable and 3 mm/0.1“ maximum, non variable
Thread connection: M6 x 0.75


Floating holder for gauging fixtures, suitable for BMD gauge
Thread connection: M6 x 0.75


Floating in one axis and angular compensation: ± 0.5 mm/tilt angle approx. 3°, suitable for BMD gauge
Thread connection: M6 x 0.75 or M10 x 1


Floating holder for automatic gauging in machines with BMD gauges
Max. float range: ± 0.75 mm
Option: air supply, fine adjustment for electronic probes
Weight compensation for horizontal application
Impact safety recoil
Mounting possibility for proximity switch
Thread connection: M10 x 1

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