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Freedom Technologies offers the complete line of Aeroel™ laser non contact optical micrometers . The design of these optical micrometers is based on the latest developments in scanning laser technology, resulting in an optical micrometer which provides stable measurements to a very high degree of accuracy. These laser micrometers can measure round, and non round parts while in process. The “quadraline” optical micrometer is designed specifically for the measurement of non round and rectangular parts.

The optical micrometers are grouped into major industrial categories. Within each category, appropriate application software, hardware, fixtures and accessories are available, making the product line complete for each specific application. As a result we offer the user a complete solution and not just a laser micrometer. The categories are; mechanical, extrusion, wire and cable, specialty (magnet) wire, and Intelligent (OEM) laser micrometers.


Freedom Technologies has a wide range of products to chose from in the Laser Micrometer department. They have kindly broken down their catalogue by product applications:

Wire and Cable

The Mechanics category includes laser micrometers for both bench top and on-line diameter measurements. The machine tool industry requires sophisticated feedback systems to obtain a constant process accuracy. The laser micrometer has proven itself to be a necessity in improving efficiency of NC lathes and centerless grinding machines.

Barline Series
Grindline Series
Laser View Micrometer (LVM) Software


For the extrusion market, we offer both single axis and dual axis laser micrometers. All of these laser micrometers are designed to provide on-line control of extruded products. A special version (Quadraline) enables the measurement of extruded or rolled products with rectangular shapes.

The two families of laser micrometers designed for the extrusion process are called the Extruline and Quadraline laser micrometers. Each laser micrometer includes a laser gauge head and a micro control unit. Both families are briefly discussed below.

Extruline Series
Quadraline Series

Wire and Cable Industry

On-line diameter measurements are performing a very important role in the wire industry today. With the ever increasing demands on higher tolerances, measurement techniques which yield real-time diameter and ovality measurements to a high degree of accuracy are necessary. To meet that demand, the laser micrometer is rapidly becoming a required instrument in the production process of wire and cable products. The laser micrometer offers wire drawing operations a solution to enhance the process, reduce scrap and improve the quality of the end product. Several system configurations are offered to accommodate both dry or wet drawing machines, single or multiple lines, and ferrous or non ferrous wire.

W-Lab Bench Top Micrometer
Wireline Series
Xploreline Series

Laser Micrometer Product Overview

Automatic Laser Measuring Station
Because of the high accuracy, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and high scanning frequency of the XLS laser micrometers, a fast and very accurate automatic measuring station is available. This Profilab system is the most advanced automated measuring system on the market today.

he Profilab system is built upon the Super Meclab and an automated linear slide system. The Profilab can measure diameter, roundness, taper and runout of cylindrical sections. In addition effective cutting diameter of fluted cutting tools and straightness of parts can be measured. You can position the part to a specific desired location to a resolution of ± 5 μm.

The top photo to the right shows the scan of a spool valve. The spool valve is held on centers and was scanned in seconds. The resulting measurement locations are depicted in red lines. To scan a part like a spool valve, it takes approximately 10 seconds. Up to 250 measurements can be made on a part. Parts can be held with a variety of fixtures, centers, adjustable V blocks, and rotating fixtures, etc..

Cutting Tool Measurement System
A complete cutting tool system utilizing the Super Meclab and a manual position slide makes up a cutting tool measurement system. You can measure maximum diameter, minimum diameter, average diameter, diameter range, effective cutting diameter, concentricity and measurement position. The cutting tool is rotated by a stepping motor. Both odd and even fluted tools can be measured with the system.

The XLS laser micrometers have a number of exclusive features which enable these high precision measurement systems. These exclusive features included in the Super Meclab are:

  • Permanent auto calibration, the laser gauge never needs
    calibration due to drift.
  • Auto compensation due to thermal drift of ambient changes.
    This includes the ability to store thermal calibrations for any
  • Multi point calibration. The user can use an infinite number of
    masters to put in his or her own calibration, which also will not
  • A digital oscilloscope is included to see the waveform of the

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