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Tesa Hite Gauges

Product Details

Brown & Sharpe TESA offers an impressive range of height gages to users who can choose the convenient model according to their application related metro logical requirements, as well as to their financial capability. This wide range goes from the simple scribing gage to the motorized height gage having the ability to execute two-dimensional measurements.


Made to Measure in a Manufacturing Environment

Brown & Sharpe offers a full line of height gages to meet any manufacturing requirement, from first piece and layout inspection to tool setup and incoming inspection. Each model offers a full range of measuring capability, and, when combined with optional features and special accessories, can be custom designed to solve any shop floor measuring problem.

With powerful, built-in software, the MICROHITE ® 2D Electronic Height Gage makes two dimensional measurement with a single axis height gage fast and easy. Two-dimensional measuring capability lets MICRO-HITE determine concentricity or express the relationship between holes, patterns or the features of a part in polar or rectangular coordinates. The easy to- use keyboard and interactive LC display guides operators through measurement operations.

The MICRO-HITE plus M Motorized Electronic Height Gage with its exclusive rotary power feature adds a new level of measurement speed and accuracy to shop floor inspection applications. This advanced technology height gage can be switched between motorized and manual operation with no loss of accuracy.

TESA-HITE® Electronic Height Gages automatically calculate measurement dimensions and determine the gage head constant to eliminate time consuming setup. The new TESA-HITE 400 and 700 model height gages feature a built-in air cushion and fixed panel. TESA-HITE® Electronic Height Gages feature programmed routines for the most commonly used measurement functions, allowing faster, more efficient complex measurement tasks.

TESA-µHITE® motorized probe system can be operated in both axial and radial measurement positions by simply changing the probe. The TESA-µHITE includes an adjustable support arm, support column, granite base and RS-232 output.

The motorized MICRO-HITE® 100 is designed to measure small workpieces next to production equipment or in an inspection lab. It has a measuring range of 4 in / 100 mm and includes a large LCD field on the control panel for the display of measured values and information symbols.

ETALON® Height and Scribing Gages with digital display or vernier readout provide a versatile addition to shop floor metrology operations. All Brown & Sharpe height gages are precision built for high reliability and accuracy in the toughest shop floor conditions.

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