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Tesa Large Dimension Measurment

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Brown & Sharpe ñ Everything You Need to Measure Large Sizes

Large sizes in mechanical engineering are dimensions in excess of 20" (500 mm). Choosing the right instrument and method to measure large dimensions is crucial for minimizing gravity-induced distortion. For dimensions from 10" (250 mm) up to 6 ft (2 m), Brown & Sharpe offers different types of measuring instruments that have long proven their value in practical use. Whatever the dimension, from a simple distance between two parallel surfaces or the measurement of a large diameter, Brown & Sharpe’s line of Inside Micrometers, Universal Measuring Instruments, and Comparative Measuring Instruments include features and accessories to accommodate virtually any application.

• Internal and external measuring, either vertically or horizontally.
• Separate calibration of the measuring head, with measuring arms in
position, by means of the setting gage supplied.
• Rigid, durable, firmly connected extension pieces of 1.5" (38 mm) diameter.
• Negligible deflection in service.
• Internal gage rods protected from thermal expansion due to hand heat by
the surrounding walls of the extension pieces. Optional 40" (1000 mm)
extensions are available for very long measurements. Above 100" (2500 mm)
some accuracy is lost and special handling is required. Please consult with your Swiss Instruments sales representative to ensure you have the correct instrument for measuring large dimensions accurately.


Measuring head:
Micrometer system with .05" (1 mm) pitch and a range of 1" (25 mm), barrel graduations .0005" (0.01 mm). The plunger movement is transmitted to a dial indicator with .0005" (0.01 mm) scale reading and an anti-shock mechanism, with ball bushings. Simple conversion from internal to external measurement and vice-versa by turning a screw on the measuring plunger.

Measuring arms:
Hexagonal section, clamped to the fixed anvil and the measuring plunger, at the height needed for the component being measured. Three pairs of standard arms, all fitted with tungsten carbide contact faces: contact faces spherical, on instrument centerline, for internal measurements; offset, for depths to 2" (50 mm), for internal and external measurements; extra-rigid, for depths to 3" (75 mm).

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