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Product Details

The CLINO 2000 is a precision hand held inclination measuring instrument fulfilling the highest standards.

The CLINO 2000 is designed as a stand alone unit but it can also be used together with a second instrument for measurements where a reference is required. Furthermore it can be connected to a PC / Laptop via a built-in RS 232 interface.

The measured primary values are compared to a stored reference curve in the CLINO 2000. This allows a very accurate calculation of the inclination.

This top level inclinometer with large measuring range brings a great many advantages to the metrologist.

The most important of them are:

  • A highest possible precision over the large measuring range of ± 45° / ± 60° / ± 30° / ± 10°, with integrated temperature compensation
  • Effortless zero adjustment by using the integrated software and a reversal measurement
  • Easy to calibrate due to implemented software guidance and the calibration aids as part of the delivery (for the CLINO 2000 / ± 45° only)
  • Large digital display with the advantage to set all the measuring units commonly used
  • Built-in possibility to connect an additional instrument for differential measurement or
  • ZEROTRONIC sensors by using the serial port
  • Rugged steel housing, rustprotected, with prismatic bases
  • Built-in cross vial for easy alignment of the secondary vertical setting direction in order to eliminate the „twist error“
  • State of the Art digital technology
  • The instrument is fully compatible with the whole range of digital sensors of WYLER AG

Powered by common 1.5 V batteries, rechargeable batteries or with mains adapter
Fulfils the strict CE requirements (immunity against electromagnetic smog)
As an option magnetic inserts are available

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