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Fowler Long Range External Dial Caliper Gage With 9-1/4” Throat Depth 52-554-802

Fowler External Dial Calipers are direct reading instruments for fast checking of casting dimensions prior to machining.  Alternately, when the External Dial Caliper Gage is set to a standard, it may be used as a comparator for checking large parts. Its versatility makes it a must for all shops.

• Available with throat depths with a capacity of 5-1⁄4"—9-1/4" .
• Large clear graduations.
• Easy one hand operation.
• Furnished in 2 graduations:  .01" or .001"
• Revolution counter provided on dial gage.
• Bezel rotates 360° for easy zero setting.
• Carbide tipped anvils

*Image shown for representational purposes only

• Throat Depth: 9-1/4″
• Throat Clearance: 2.5″
• Range: 0-2"
• Graduation: .01″
• Accuracy: ±.01″
• Anvil Type: Pin

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