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Mahr Measuring Machine Simulation

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MarSim Measuring Machine Simulation

Save valuable measuring time with MarSimMeasuring Machine Simulation. Your measuring machine in the measuring room and in the production will be simulated completely on a PC. Your operating software and measuring programs, whether they already exist or are being planned, will operate identically ason areal measuring machine.

MarSim Measuring Machine Simulation is a simulation and visualizing software. Together with MarWin (measuring machine's software platform) it enables the creation of offline programs and visualization of complete measuring tasks:

  • Three-dimensional visualization of the measuring machine, clamping device and work piece with numerous functions (for example: pre-defined views, fitting all objects into the view, zooming, displacing, swivelling, turning)
  • Depiction of a real workpiece by importing CAD data (STEP, futher CAD formats upon request)
  • Depiction of all machine movements in real time (via measuring programs or manual operation)
  • Probe tip can be followed due to dual colored light path ( 1st color is measurement, 2nd color is positioning)
  • MarSim is a stand alone application which communicates via UDP/IP protocoll with a measuring machine simulation
  • MarSim is ideal for double monitor operation (MarWin on the first monitor and MarSim on the second monitor or
  • ...classically on one monitor with the usual MS Windows program windows
  • Possibility to save screen shots (JPEG) and videos (AVI)


MarSim Measuring Machine Simulationoffers a simple increase in performance and effectiveness of existingmeasuring machines.

  • Save expensive measuring time on the machine: complete creation and testing of measuring programs in MarWin without measuring machine.
  • Risk-free offline plausibility check for interplay of machine, clamping device, probe arm and workpiece, regarding reachability of the measuring position and possible collisions.
  • Measuring program runtime estimation
  • Use and testing of the MarWinprotocol functions
  • Application training and instruction in the office and not in the measuring room
  • Disussion andsolution of measuring problems in the office and not in the measuring room

Simulated measuring machines and probes:

  • MMQ 400, MFU 100
  • In preparation: MFU 800, MFK 500/600
  • Measuring probes: T7W, T20W (up to4 probe tips per probe arm unit possible)

Standard Scope:

  • MarSiminEnglish and German
  • Detailed online help in English and German
  • PC: Intel Core 2 Duo, 1.86 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 80 GB hard drive, graphic card 128 MB for 2 monitors (screen resolution1280 x 1024), CD-ROM drive, USB 2.0, Windows XP Service Pack 2
  • 2 x 19" TFT monitor

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