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Motorex Metal Catalyst Coolant

Product Details

Tresor is the new ultra high performance coolant from Motorex. It is a unique coolant in that it uses PMCor Precious MetalCatalyst technology to control bacteria and fungus. Motorex Tresor PMC is Boron Free, Bactericide Free, Fungicide Free, Amine Free and Chlorine Free allowing it to be safely handled by human skin and satisfying the Water Hazard Class 1 regulations as well as the more stringent EUbiocide regulations that don't come into effect until 2014.


Tresor PMC is perfect for machining, drilling, turning and grinding of high performance machines working on difficult or very hard materials as no other coolant is able to provide such stable cooling performance over long periods of time. Motorex Tresor PMC is able to perform in very low concentrations which also reduces concentration adjustment and supplementary chemical treatments are not required.

Motorex Tresor PMC forms very fine micro bubbles and is stable at very high water hardness levels. The Tresor PMC product performs so well that you will be able to reduce the concentration of coolant you use in your emulsion thus extending product life and reducing concentration adjustment costs.


Motorex Tresor PMC contains patented micro Precious Metal Catalyst particles that float suspended in the coolant. When these PMCparticles come into contact with bacteria they destroy them through a catalytic process. Because the precious metal particles never change the effect of bacteria control does not weaken over time.

Since bacteria is so effectively controlled, bacteria populations never get a chance to grow and spread significantly reducing the bio-mass of dead bacteria that can build up in a cooling tank over a period of time with other coolants. Reducing the biomass of bacteria that builds up also helps to control the pH of the coolant and of course reduces odours.

Motorex Tresor Pmc Coolant Uses Precious Metal Catalyst To Control Bacteria

The Motorex Tresor PMC product is able to provide all the cooling and lubrication properties necessary for long machine and tool life in a very low concentration thanks to it's unique blend of mineral oils and Precious metal Catalyst. The PMC particles destroy bacteria through a catalytic reaction ensuring a stable and long lasting cooling solutions with very little make-up and maintenance.

Thepmc Technology In Thetresor Pmc Effectively Reduces Bacterial Growth Colonies

In bacterial colonization tests the Tresor PMC product on the right is clearly able to prevent bacterial growth vs a standard cooling product on the right. The decreased bacterial colonizes also reduces bio-mass from dead bacteria which further helps to stabilize the coolant by keeping pH, fungus and odours in check.

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