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Mahr Micrometers

Product Details

Micromar Micrometers are available as digital and mechancial instruments and are ideal for measurement of external and internal dimensions. Mahr Micrometers are characterised by their precision ground measuring spindle, carbide tipped measuring faces and robust frame construction. These features guarantee extreme precision and ensure a long lifetime.


40 EWR with Reference Lock /without Data Output

40 EWR with Reference Lock /with Data Output

40 EXS in Set

40 EXR with Reference Lock

40 EXS with Reference Lock
40 A
40 SA
40 SH
40 SSH
40 SD
40 AG
40 W

Micrometers with a Dial Comparator

40 F with integrated dial comparator

40 FC with ceramic measuring faces

40 T with dial comparator 1003

40 TS precision bench micrometer


40 EWV Universal Micrometer with Reference Lock

Special Purpose Micrometers
40 AB
40 AS
40 AR
40 AW
40 SM

Thread Micrometers

40 Z

Inside Micrometers

44 CMS

44 F

Self-Centering Inside Micrometers
44 A
44 AS
844 A
844 AS
44 EX
44 EXS

Depth Micrometers

45 T

Micrometer Heads


46 EX

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