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Erowa MTS Modular Pallet

Product Details

The Erowa MTSmodular Pallet Work holding System is a flexible workpiece holding system designed to work with a wide variety of machine processes. With the Erowa MTS pallet system you can greatly reduce your setup time, have pre-defined zero points and alignments. You can even use you're existing fixtures by equipping them with MTS Pull studs.


MTS and MTS+ workpiece holding systems are modular and can adapt to the size of your pieces as well as the type of machining to be done on them. The MTS and MTS+ are very safe in design as they will only open under pressure. The MTS+ goes further with increased clamping pressure and an extra clamping safety check.


Technical specifications MTS Classic

Description Value
Repeating accuracy < 0.005 mm
Clamping function by spring force
Opening pressure min. 7 bar
Clamping force per chuck 12'000 N
Holding power: exceeding 60'000 N

Technical specifications MTS+

Description Value
Repeating accuracy < 0.003 mm
Clamping function by
spring force
Opening pressure min. 8.5 bar
Clamping power per chuck 18'000 N (re-clamped)
Holding force: exceeding 60'000 N

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