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Waldmann Omnivue Lighting

Product Details

Waldmann lighting produces high quality energy efficient lighting solutions for the industrial industry. Waldmann lighting products are highly efficient as well as being extremely ergonomic.

Waldmann Omnivue:

Our most popular product from Waldmann. The Omnivue is perfect for use for the inspection, assembly and cleaning of workpieces. The Waldmann Omnivue can be precisely positioned and rotated with 3-diopter magnifier. There are also 3 9-watt fluorescent tubes to provide even lighting to be able to see details and in crevices easier. The lights can be adjusted between 18 and 27 watts of power depending on your needs.

The large independently rotatable lens allows precise positioning from any angle. The light unit is also durable and clean in construction with industrial grade adjustment knobs, no exposed wiring or springs and a ball and joint head to position the light head.

For applications where a longer reach is required we can also offer an OmnivueMax version with a longer 43" extended arm.


  • Three 9-watt compact fluorescent lamps provide two light levels: 27-watts from top and both sides of the magnifier, or 18-watts of side-to-side lighting
  • Magnifying lens tilts independently of the light source for optimum positioning
  • 3-diopter magnifying lens is made from optical quality glass
  • Two optional ADD-X lenses are available for additional magnification up to 15 diopters
  • UV and ESD models available
  • For longer reach applications, request our OmnivueMax model offering a 43" extended reach arm, ideal for production benches and workstations
  • An optional pin mount for production workstation bushing mounts is available

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