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Starrett Optical Comparator HB420

Product Details

HB400 horizontal benchtop optical system offers a 16" screen, 12" X-axis travel with fast traverse and 6” Y-axis travel, bayonet fitting lenses, Q-axis angular readout, , a digital protractor for angle measurements to 1' resolution and optional CNC control. They are simple to use, yet have excellent capacity and performance to satisfy complex measuring requirements.


  • Fully Usable 16" (400mm) Screen Diameter
  • Exceptionally stable, all metal construction for optimum performance and accuracy
  • Large measuring travel for HB400 12" X-axis, 6" Y-Axis (300mm x 150mm)
  • High precision workstage with 21.25" x 5" top plate, with two machine slots for easy fixturing
  • 100lb Stage weight capacity
  • Dual mirror design for vertically correct image
  • Available with the full range of Quadra-Chek readout systems & Metlogix readout systems
  • Digital protractor for accurate angle measurements, 1' resolution
  • ±15° Workstage helix adjustment for accurate thread form inspection
  • Fine adjustment on all axes, plus zero backlash, fast traverse mechanism on the X-axis
  • Fully retractable fiber optic surface illumination with heavy-duty shielding
  • Automatic edge detection option
  • Motorized and CNC workstage options

M2 Touchscreen ControlStarrett M2 Touch Screen

M2 Readout for Optical Systems

Metlogix M2 control software provides a broad range of powerful, user-friendly functions on a compact, icon based touchscreen interface in place of the traditional control.

A Starrett optical projector with an M2 display offers a state of the art measurement system that is powerful, intuitive and exceptionally accurate.

M2 Features & Specifications

  • Clean and simple touchscreen interface with large icon buttons and intuitive operation
  • Graphics rich display providing instant information on feature form, tolerances, and measurement data
  • Coordinate display for X and Y linear axes and Q radius values for screen rotation
  • Easy part alignment and datum functions
  • Measure and tolerance these geometric features: point, line, angle, distance, radius, diameter
  • As you measure, a part view is created in the feature view.Constructions between features such as distances and bolt hole pattern can been done by simple selections from the part view
  • For repetitive part measurement, create a part program that will visually guide operators through part measurement
  • Available optical edge detection provides better throughput and removes operator subjectivity
  • Four different report forms that can be printed or exported to Excel, text files or to an SPC program
  • M2 mounts and displays in either vertical or horizontal postition
  • Windows 7-based operating system enables flexible data export and interface capability with Windows® applications and enables fast, easy connection to printers and networks

Touch Screen Pictures

M2 Touch Screen Example 1M2 Touch Screen Example 2M2 Touch Screen Example 3

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